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White Reception Desks

White reception desks offer a clean, contemporary front-of-house solution for businesses. This makes them a versatile desk solution, & future proof as different furniture styles come in & out of fashion.

All of our white reception desks are available in a range of styles & materials.

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White Reception Desks UK

Robust material options for your desk

Nokk’s reception desks are built using robust materials including solid surface options (such as Corian) or high-pressure laminate to ensure longevity.

All of our reception desks are created bespoke based on our client’s requirements to ensure the desk is able to provide the durability our clients require. We can also customise your desk with options to suit you, including LED lights & more.

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As a highly experienced manufacturer & offering a wide-range of material options; Nokk are able to create your ideal reception desk solution.

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Designed specifically for your workplace

All of our furniture is made-to-measure & designed bespoke to match the interior space & design, in addition to ensuring it’s fit for the business’s industry. For example, a reception desk for a company in the healthcare industry may require a solid surface worktop to ensure it can provide the hygiene standards these workplaces require.

Additionally, we offer extra design options such as LED strip lighting for a more contemporary finish which you may not have considered.

If you’re interested in learning more about our white reception desk options; please get in touch & one of our team will be happy to help design a solution.

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