Tristone & Corian Reception Desks

Corian & Tristone reception desks; creating a natural, contemporary design.

Manufactured to suit your project’s unique style & required functionality.

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Purpose-Made; Design & Functionality

Nokk are able to create a visually striking design that leaves a lasting impression on customers. Tristone & Corian reception desks offer a natural finish; marrying contemporary design with traditional stone effects.

Any necessary functionality can also be added, such as quantity of plug sockets or material requirements. With over 25 years manufacturing experience, we are able to create a vast range of styles & functionalities.

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Case Studies

Increased Longevity

Nokk’s reception desks are built to be robust and hardwearing; able to meet the demands of every industry.

Corian & Tristone provides additional durability in comparison to other materials. This helps the desk last longer, maintaining its appearance.

The durability of these solid surface materials makes the desks perfect for the healthcare industry, able to withstand harsh cleaning materials & accidental collisions.

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