Grey Reception Counter UK

Grey Reception Desks

Nokk’s custom grey reception desks offer a high-end, bespoke solution for every business.

Available in a range of materials to suit every interior design, along with custom functionality to suit your unique desk requirements.

Manufactured by our team in the UK.

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Grey Reception Desks UK

Designed & manufactured by our experienced team in the UK

Nokk was created to meet the growing demands of interior designers, architects & contractors for bespoke furniture at a cost-effective price.

Over 30 years experience providing manufacturing excellence; trusted by industry leading names such as NHS, LUSH Cosmetics & more.

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As a highly experienced manufacturer & offering a wide-range of material options; Nokk are able to create your ideal reception desk solution.

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Using materials from trusted brands such as Polyrey & Corian for our grey reception desk ranges

As a trusted UK manufacturer we only use materials we can stand-by, & which we can be confident will provide longevity for furniture we create. This includes using Polyrey & Corian, which are both high quality material brands.

Corian can create a high-end finish for your desk, being able to match the appearance of natural stone like granite & marble at a more cost-effective price. The demand for solid-surface furniture continues to grow over time thanks to its durability, particularly within the healthcare industry where strong cleaning substances often damage ordinary materials.

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