Changing Room Cubicles

Changing Room Cubicles

Highly durable changing room & commercial shower cubicles.

A wide-range of colours & textures available for your changing room, including frosted glass & wood-effect cubicles.

Nokk are a trading name of Cubicle Washroom Systems Ltd, the leading manufacturer of commercial washrooms in the UK.

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Changing Cubicles Created To Your Specifications

Our changing room cubicles are designed with your industry in mind; manufactured to meet your requirements & provide longevity.

With over 30 years experience manufacturing high-quality washroom solutions, Nokk deliver attractive changing rooms that meet each client’s unique requirements.

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A Complete Range of Changing Room Furniture

Nokk are capable of manufacturing every aspect of your changing room. Cubicles, vanity units, lockers, benches & any other required furniture; Nokk offer an all-in-one changing room refurbishment service.

As we are our own supplier for furniture, this results in costs being minimised & the waiting time for your furniture also being reduced. Get in touch to find out more.

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