Bespoke Office Cabinets

Purpose-made cabinets, available in a range of styles to suit your project.

All aspects of your cabinets are customisable (number of doors, draws, amount of storage space); we create the cabinet to meet your project requirements.

A large variety of colours & textures available, allowing you to create cabinets to match the room’s appearance.

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Purpose-Made Cabinets; Designed For Your Project

Nokk are able to create cabinets to suit your commercial requirements; such as size, quantity of storage space, colours & textures. This allows us to create cabinets that meet both functional requirements & appearance preferences.

A variety of colours & textures available, including wood effects. Get in touch for samples & colour charts.

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Bespoke Office Furniture

Nokk are able to create bespoke furniture for your office, meeting your functionality requirements. Our products include; reception desks, office desks, conference tables & more.

With the ability to material match across furniture & create a consistent interior design, Nokk offer a cost-effective & high-end service.

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