Made-To-Measure Corian Kitchen Sinks

Bespoke made residential Corian kitchen sinks.

After launching our made-to-measure sink service, the Nokk team have been busy helping homeowners & contractors with creating replacement sinks for existing kitchens & manufacturing bespoke solutions for bathrooms. Below are a selection of kitchen sink replacement projects we’ve completed recently.

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Nokk replaced this kitchen’s existing stainless steel sink with a black Corian solution. The Corian kitchen sink replicated the stainless steel sink’s shape & size (including its one & a half bowl design), but with couple of design improvements to create a more sleek solution.

Utilising a black sink replacement also reduces the chance of marks showing on the bowls between cleaning, similarly to the benefits of a stainless steel bowl.

Black Quartz Kitchen Sinks UK

Our team created this made-to-measure kitchen sink solution out of Corian to replace an outdated stainless steel sink. The Corian replacement provides the kitchen with a new lease of life, perfectly contrasting with the dark countertop.

This sink included basket strainer wastes, overflow kits & Corian Care Kit.

Custom Sinks UK

This bespoke Corian basin was supplied with bronze waste & disposal brassware to match the taps. This provides a classy, elegant finish.

Bespoke Sinks UK

Following their double sink becoming stained & discoloured over years of use, the customer tried to find a replacement for their kitchen.

However, as the kitchen was quite old, they struggled to find a sink that would fit within the existing worktop. Fortunately they were able to find our website & got in touch.

Nokk were able to manufacture a made-to-measure Corian kitchen double sink that replicates the original’s size, allowing it to perfectly integrate it within the existing interior design. Adding a more contemporary finish to the kitchen, whilst providing the durable functionality that Corian offers.

Corian Kitchen Sink


White, made-to-measure Corian kitchen sink with one & a half basins. Created to perfectly integrate within the existing worktop cutout.

Corian Kitchen Sink Replacements UK